Hey guys!


Hey everyone!

Today’s the first day of a new series we’ll be doing called Wildcustoms. Send us an email or comment on Youtube for a Halo CE custom map you’d like to see created and we’ll make it for you! Soon we’ll expand it to Minecraft mods and other games as well, but as those can take extravagant amounts of time for now we’re only accepting Halo map ideas.

This week we have a checkpoint for you guys. We’ll release checkpoints when the map itself is not ready yet. This weeks checkpoint is for “Flood Beach” and the map theme comes from:

Idea1 Idea2

Thanks for the ideas! We combined these two since they’re not mutually exclusive and are very similar. Flood Beach will have two sniper towers and a turret laced bridge. Supplies will be scarce and spawn in long periods across the beach which means you and your team will have to storm through hordes of Flood to resupply. In the final version we’d like to include a locked garage which would provide you with a regular warthog to mow down the horde. The garage would be unlocked through a secret. Remember that Flood in Halo 1 especially come armed so the warthog may even be a necessary tool for survival.

As of this first checkpoint the general shape and structure for this map have been completed. Textures have been completed, but the screenshot above does not display them since there is still tons more to do, rendering with full textures would be a waste of time at this point. We optimistically believe a playable version will be out next Tuesday with somewhat regular updates after that.

If you have a Halo Custom Map idea send it to wildcustoms@wildrendergames.x10.mx and you may see your map created!

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