Hi everyone!

Been a while. Going forward and acknowledging the lack of time I’ll have during transitional periods (graduating, moving, etc.) I’ve decided to improve the written tutorial section and update it with new tutorials since I already have the scripts written – just not the time to film/edit them at the moment. While I hope this will improve in the future, I’d rather put out something to help people in the interim.

Thank you to everyone who has been subscribing during this off-period, your support keeps bringing me back to this project and developing custom content in general!

Wildrender is branching out and compartmentalizing! All lessons and let’s plays will appear at games.wildrender.com. The beginner Halo Custom Edition modding tutorial is finishing up soon and the series will continue with more advanced information soon enough.


Well and truly back

Get ready for more frequent updates, awesome original content, and more mods than ever before. It’s going to be an interesting year.


Alive and Kicking

Still here, just dealing with the influx of a whole bunch of new business. Lots of interesting projects coming up, it just may be a while before content is published on a regular frequency again. Still, I’ll push harder to get more Halo CE content out there for you guys.


Hey guys!


Hey everyone!

Today’s the first day of a new series we’ll be doing called Wildcustoms. Send us an email or comment on Youtube for a Halo CE custom map you’d like to see created and we’ll make it for you! Soon we’ll expand it to Minecraft mods and other games as well, but as those can take extravagant amounts of time for now we’re only accepting Halo map ideas.

This week we have a checkpoint for you guys. We’ll release checkpoints when the map itself is not ready yet. This weeks checkpoint is for “Flood Beach” and the map theme comes from:

Idea1 Idea2

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New Site Smell

Gotta love it. After all these years I’m back with a vengeance. Thanks to my Youtube subscribers. Although currently few in number, they were the constant poke to my side that pushed me to continue doing what I do. In the coming months I’ll be attempting to push out somewhat frequent updates about games, game reviews, game mods and tutorials and the like. We’ll see how things go.

Here’s to a new year of advancing gaming knowledge!

-Wild Yojimbo

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